Incorporated as a subsidiary of Azure Capital Advisors Private Limited ( - a real estate fund management company, Azven Realty is currently an independent real estate development firm headquartered in Bangalore. Azven Realty enjoys a special relationship with Azure Capital as both companies had common promoters with long standing professional relationships. Azven Realty is managed by a team of pedigreed professionals who have held leadership positions as strategists, sales heads, operations heads, etc in Real Estate PE Fund, Real Estate Development, IT and Manufacturing firms. With more than 50 person years of experience in the real estate industry across Land Acquisition, Project Planning, Design, Construction, Finance and Sales & Marketing, Azven Realty brings along an in-depth understanding of the aspirations of various target customer segments and the capability to deliver on the same.


"Azven team is a bunch of great professionals with deep industry expertise and are very transparent in their dealings. Breathe's design approach is unique and I am confident that the Azven team will deliver on their promises".

-Vinay Singh.
VP Technology,
Accenture, US

"The Azven team has been pleasantly surprising me all this while. Their professional approach is a welcome sight in the realty sector . Every individual from the management to staff have been clear and concise in their communication and have adopted a fact based approach rather than an approach to impress. Special kudos to their design team, even the minutest of the detail that differentiates a house from a home have been well thought of giving me the confidence that Azven will deliver on their commitments.”

-Paddy Padmanabhan.
LogiLink India.

"Team Azven has done a splendid job in designing this project. As a buyer of a villa in Breathe, I find this as one of the best investment opportunities. As a financial institution, we know that this is a winning product"

-Shailesh Ghorpade.
Azure Capital